Our Story

Our Story

Melissa and Alex’s love story begins like any true love story does….over a prized cantaloupe.

It was a scorching hot, mid July 2017 afternoon (Justin Bieber’s Despacito was playing in the background). Alex had some friends over at his condo and they were craving something refreshing. Alex made his way over to the Harris Teeter across the street to begin pursuing the aisles. As he turned the corner to the fruit and veggie aisle, he saw it, the perfect cantaloupe. Alex made his way towards the basket, with a pep in his step, he reached out his hand only to feel a smaller, softer hand underneath his. It was Melissa. She had beat him to the melon. Alex being the gentleman that he is, insisted Melissa have the melon. They exchanged numbers and at this point we’re hoping you know this story is completely made up. This is something Alex and Melissa like to do at Weddings and other social gatherings to answer the “soooo how did you guys meet question”.

The real story is this. Alex and Melissa were in their mid-20s both with incredibly demanding, travel heavy jobs. Melissa was traveling all over the country for Coca-Cola, while Alex was trying to get his laundry and dry cleaning business, 2ULaundry, off the ground. Alex was sharing a bedroom with 2 of his childhood friends, Dan & Turner. They slept next to each other, worked all day together, and then would hang out with each other, they were together ALL THE TIME. Alex needed a place for normalcy and eventually got on the dating apps, with no intention of finding a girlfriend, but instead conversation with new people that weren’t Dan & Turner. After a few months, Alex & Melissa matched in March of 2017. For whatever reason, Melissa was into broke laundry entrepreneurs that shared a bedroom with their 2 childhood best friends.

The two took 10 rainchecks before finally making it happen, Alex was persistent. Melissa later admitted that she nearly missed their first date, because she was coming back from a work trip and only remembered they had a date because Alex texted her and said “still on for tonight?” Melissa knew if they didn’t meet up then, they likely never would and her chance at free laundry for life would soon slip away. The two were set to meet at Paco’s Tacos in Charlotte only to find out they had a 60 minute wait…awkward. Alex went outside to greet Melissa for the first time and said “bring it in, i’m a hugger” also awkward, followed by “we need to go somewhere else” The two pivoted quickly to going to a place called Treehouse. What was supposed to be a drink ended up being 4 hours of conversation, a whole order of hushpuppies consumed by Melissa, and Alex deciding that he wanted more than just a one off conversation for normalcy. Melissa was smart, quirky, ambitious, and one of the most beautiful women Alex had ever seen. She was different. She was spicy to Alex’s calm Midwest. They shared a lot of the same core life beliefs. Although it might not have been love at first sight, it was something nearly just as powerful. They both chose to see each other again and again, at a time in their lives they hardly had time for themselves let alone someone else.

On their second date Melissa met Alex’s friends, at the “frat house” they lived in, and even fended off Turner’s first question of “where did you come from?” with grace and ease. The two went to dinner after, where they continued to laugh, challenge each other, and try new things. It was clear how adventurous they both were. Alex tried to push the limit and see just how much Melissa would sign on for. After trying an appetizer of Rocky Mountain Oysters, Alex asked Melissa if she wanted to go skydiving the following week. To which Melissa immediately responded “sure”. Alex asked this jokingly, but Melissa called his bluff. Alex didn’t share that he had a tremendous fear of heights. The following week they jumped out of a plane together. From the beginning they’ve kept each other on their toes. After that 3rd date, Alex knew he wanted to date Melissa, he wanted her to meet his family, and that he could see it turning into so much more. Melissa felt the same way. Despite Alex living with 5 guys, building an unsexy laundry business with little to no success at the time, she liked Alex for Alex.

Skydiving progressed to wedding +1s, weekend trips, and even sleepovers at the “frat house”. Regardless of what the two as individuals were doing in life, the other wanted to be a part of it. Three and half years later, Alex asked Melissa if she wanted to go skydiving again. This time he waited for Melissa on one knee on the ground and asked her to marry him.

Through COVID, building a company, buying a house, selling a house, renovating a condo, immigration challenges, lost loved ones, good times, and bad times, Melissa and Alex have stuck by each other’s side. They look forward to celebrating this love story with you and the rest of their closest family and friends in August. Thank you for your love, support, and time in joining them in celebration!