Wedding Party

Stephanie Alcalde

Maid of Honor

Stephanie is Melissa’s older sister. Melissa and Stephanie met two years ago and have created a sibling bond as if they were in each other’s life’s day since day one; she is the sister Melissa never knew she needed. Alex is actually to thank for them meeting each other.

Dan D'Aquisto

Best Man

Dan and Alex used to have a rivalry through 6th grade when Alex held Dan’s girlfriend's hand at the movies. Once they got over that they became inseparable best friends and have gone on to build 2ULaundry and LaundroLab together. And have somehow maintained being best friends through it all!

Haley Gruver


Haley and Melissa became friends over their love / hate relationship with running track Freshman year of high school and have been best friends ever since. They have spent almost every Christmas Eve together since their friendship started.

Philip Smereczniak


Philip and Alex also got much closer in their adult years. Philip is the comedian in the family and routinely keeps everyone laughing, smiling, and having a good time. Philip and Alex built all of the tables we’ll be enjoying during the reception and enjoy sending memes to each other on a daily basis.

Beena Smereczniak


Beena is Melissa’s soon to be sister-in-law and they’ve become good friends over the years. She’s the kindest person you’ll ever met, and the two are so excited to officially be ‘sisters’.

Ben Smereczniak


Ben and Alex grew up 10 years apart, but that hasn’t stopped them from building an amazing relationship in their adult years. In the early days Ben would leverage his younger brother Alex as “the chick magnet” and would cruise around with him in his purple, t-top firebird. Ben is helping to make sure the layout of the wedding works and will oversee the construction of 16 tables.

Kailyn Stack


Kailyn and the Melissa have been friends since childhood and have been through everything together. They share October Birthday's so in their 20+ years of friendship they've only missed a handful of each other's birthdays.

Colin Quinn


Colin and Alex became close friends when Colin’s mom (who according to Quinn has got it going on) moved down the street. They played many traveling basketball tournaments together and had their fair share of adventures in high school and beyond. Colin has the voice of an angel (please ask him to sing at the wedding) and is one of the OG members of “We the four” that eventually evolved into a motley crew of 7.

Evelyn Luna


Melissa and Evelyn have been friends since they were little girls. Their 20+ years of friendship began by them being neighbors and spending countless hours playing Barbie wedding.

Alex Fuentes


Alex, better known as “fuen fuentes” by the RW boys, met Alex in 6th grade English class where they shared a similar affection for Timothy of the Cay. Fuen is a barber by trade and is the one responsible for all the groomsmen’s fresh cuts.

Alyssa D'Aquisto


Melissa and Alyssa, better known as “The Issa’s” met through Alex and have become close over the years. She’s married to Alex’s best-friend and co-founder, Dan.

Turner Eckstrom


Turner is the life of the party, whether he is doing backflips or “freestyling” with Alex for Friday Night Fun Night, these two have always had a great time together. Turner moved down to Charlotte to start 2ULaundry with Dan and Alex and the three of them haven’t looked back since.

Nicole Rice


Nicole and Melissa met at work five years ago and quickly bonded, they’ve been friends ever since. She is an event planner, so Melissa is leveraging her for all the free wedding planning.

Quentin Robert


Quentin is fully responsible for Alex having spent 10+ years in the laundry industry when they first bought Wake Wash, a college laundry and dry cleaning delivery business together their freshman year at Wake Forest University. Alex and Quentin worked for a summer in London and have maintained a good relationship in their lives after laundry.

Quinn O'leary


Quinn also known as “Q-Tipsy” joined the crew in the early high school days. Quinn known as the “handsome one” by granny will always have any of his good friends back. He’s the guy that will routinely make an effort to pick up the phone to call and check in on his brothas to see how they’re doing.

Evan Malmquist


Malm and Alex first met at Jefferson when Alex transferred elementary schools in 5th grade. They quickly became friends, played basketball together, participated in Young Life, and also got into their bit of trouble. The duo eventually became known as “the chicken wings” for their tall, lanky stature in high school.

Manuel Alcalde


Better known as Manny is the “wheat thin” to Alex’s “cracker”. Alex had to first get past Manny, Melissa’s younger brother, in order to win over Melissa’s heart. To this day Manny has yet to beat Alex in a game of disc golf or FIFA, let the record show.